Upcoming Events at the Old Church

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Date Time Event
April 16, 2015
7 pm
Speaker Series: Churro Sheep in the Southwest presented by Pat Clauser
April 18, 2015
9-4:30 pm
CHS Workshop: Vegetable Gardening in Corrales presented by Sandoval County Extension Service
April 25, 2015
9-4 pm
Annual Maintenance Day at Old Church
May 16, 2015
9:30-4 pm
Heritage Day at Casa San Ysidro
May 21, 2015
7 pm
Speaker Series: How to Grow a Library presented by Corrales Library volunteeers
January 25, 2015
3 pm
Speaker Series: Alameda Land Grant presented by Stan Betzer
March 1 , 2015
3 pm
Speaker Series: Volunteers to the Rescue presented by Corrales Fire Department
March 26, 2015
7 pm
Speaker Series: So God Made a Farmer presented by local Corrales farmers


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