Corrales Historical Society

Preservation and Maintenance Committee


It is the responsibility of the Preservation and Maintenance Committee to "repair, restore, enhance, preserve and maintain the Old San Ysidro Church as an historical registered property." Members of this committee are Ben Blackwell, Clifford Pedroncelli, John Derr, member-advisor Pete Smith and Chairman Skip Erickson.

Usually in late spring, this committee sponsors an event which has come to be called "Mudders' Day Weekend." Friends and Neighbors come together to help mix and apply adobe mud to the walls of the Old Church and attend to any other details of restoration that need doing.

As many as 30 to 50 people have come to volunteer and there are jobs for everyone of whatever age. A great lunch is provided by the Historical Society Docents and everyone seems to enjoy this shared experience of caring for the Old Church.

For further information on the Preservation and Maintenance Committe, email or phone the chairperson at 898-8749.


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