Corrales Historical Society

“Mud Day” at the Old Church, Saturday, April 26, 2014, 9am-4pm

The Preservation and Maintenance Committee sponsors an event which has come to be called “Mudders’ Day Weekend.” Friends and neighbors come together to help mix and apply adobe mud to the walls of the Old Church and attend to any other details of restoration that need doing.

Anywhere from 30 to 50 people have come to volunteer and there are jobs for everyone of whatever age. A great lunch is provided by the Historical Society Docents and everyone seems to enjoy this shared experience of caring for the Old Church.


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The Old Church is still plastered with adobe mud, as it was when it was first constructed in 1869. In spite of our relatively dry climate, the mud walls need to be re-plastered every year or so. The people of Corrales get together on our annual “Mud Day” to restore the plastered surface on the exterior walls. Additional information on volunteer opportunities for "Mud Day" can be found here.

Preservation & Maintenance Committee



From left to right:  John Gary, Jeff Radford, Lyn Hagaman, Laura Stokes, Ncole Van Etten, Betty Blackwell, Ben Blackwell, Evelyn Losack, Rip Mills, Jane Phillips, Jeffery Bender, Marain Skott-Myhre, Teresa Van Etten & Megan Phillips (hidden from view), Tim T. Hagaman, Claire Van Etten, Bobbie Strickland, Danelle Callan, John Callan, Michael Pijoan, Jessica Skott-Myhre, Javier Pijoan (with wheelbarrow), Daid Skott-Myhre, Hans Skott-Myhre, John Catasca, Georgia Catasca, Else Kinkel,Ramon A. Moreno, Maria del la Luz Moreno, Johnnie Losack (in hat, behind), Lori Aldrich, Ross Howard, Laurie and Erin Phillips, Barbara Pijoan, Roberta King, Ed Boles, Fred Hashimoto, Emily & Jefferey Hashimoto, Jim Kinkel, Oliver Pijoan, Janna Pijoan.  Also present were Christina Allen, Alex and Samara Knight and Pual Knight.  On horseback in the background but unfortunately not showing up in the photo were Lisa Miller, Mary Jane Chestnum and Jean Hawley.

“Mud Day” - 1991

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