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The Historic Old San Ysidro Church and Annex may be rented together or separately, with priority given to the Village of Corrales, the Corrales Historical Society (CHS), Corrales Cultural Arts Council and the Corrales Visual Arts Council. Seating is limited to approximately 150 people. For information regarding reservations at the Old San Ysidro Church for weddings or other special events please call Dee Turner at 505-263-0666. The availability of the church for rental is on the Old Church calendar. If you reserve the church for a function, please check the calendar to verify your reservation.

Some uses may not be appropriate because of the religious significance of the Historic Old San Ysidro Church and are subject to approval by the CHS Board.

Daily rental charges vary, depending on the use. Past uses have included art shows, speakers, concerts, and video and still photography shoots. Damage deposits are required for all events and cancellation fees vary. AGREEMENT BETWEEN THE VILLAGE OF CORRALES AND THE CORRALES HISTORICAL SOCIETY: Paragraph 12. "Because of the historical nature of the properties involved, users shall not make any changes in or to the Old San Ysidro Church and shall seek permission of the Historical Society and the Village Of Corrales to modify or change the building in any way. The user will be held responsible for cleanup and shall repair any damages to the premises."

All persons using and attending events in the Old San Ysidro Church shall do so at their own risk and the CORRALES HISTORICAL SOCIETY and the VILLAGE OF CORRALES shall not be liable for any accidents and/or injuries sustained by any participants and/or spectators.


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