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The CHS Archives Committee is responsible for the collection, preservation, and archiving of materials relating to the history of Corrales. These include historic maps, old photographs, oral histories on audio tape and on video, censuses, genealogical information, Corrales historic building survey forms, newspaper articles, copies of old local newspapers, and histories of Corrales, most of them written by local residents. You can find more information on Archives holdings here.

The Committee prepares displays for Heritage Day that have included local quilts, artworks by post- WWII artists, historic agricultural implements, and exhibits on the Alameda grant, information on Sandia View Academy, familiy histories, 1950s professional photographs of the Corrales sand dunes and of the Baylor-Koontz Ranch, and an agricultural time line. Once or twice a year the Committee takes field trips to other history archives or local cemeteries, and recently toured Corrales archeological sites. We usually meet on the third Wednesday of each month and welcome new members.

Please call Mary Davis at 898-5017, if you are interested.

Historic Photographs of Corrales

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